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Orders are coming faster than you can produce!

In order to keep their farm alive up to 4 players must work the land and reap the rewards of a fresh harvest, dig, plow, plant, harvest, clean and deliver in this chaotic and hilarious party game. This is MY! Farm.

This is a small prototype we have made in less than 2 weeks, please give it a go and tell us what you think about it.

The current demo is more of a sandbox, where players can dig (with shovel), plow (with garden hoe), plant seeds and water with the watering can, but there are no objectives in the current build.


Controller (Required) 

(A) Select/Pick up  (B) Drop item  (RT) Use tools (shovel/garden hoe) (X) dash/nudge

The first step is to dig a hole by using the shovel on any grass area, then plow the dirt with the garden hoe. From there you can grab seeds from the barrels and plant them in the plowed dirt. Plants will eventually grow or you can speed up the process with the watering can.

In future builds we will be adding objectives and levels that are harder to move around so then with multiple players it creates a more difficult experience.


MyFarm_Demo.rar 22 MB

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